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The city of Saint Louis offers free dead animal removal services in the case of dead animal carcasses on public land, or dead animals in the roadways. Examples might include roadkill such as deer, or a dead raccoon in a county park. For free government dead animal removal services call:

St. Louis Citizens' Service Bureau - 314.622.4800

Aside from the city of Saint Louis animal services or Saint Louis County Animal Control, free dead animal removal is sometimes offered by government agencies that go by names such as public works department, department of transportation, environmental services, division of street maintenance, sanitation department, etc. Don't call the Saint Louis police department or Saint Louis SPCA or humane society. Click here for Dead Pet Body Removal in Saint Louis. Usually you can put dead animal carcasses in refuse containers - aka garbage cans, although sometimes that's frowned upon. I'd do it for smaller animals under 20 lbs for sure though. For larger animals maybe call the sanitation dept. or call the number listed above. The removal of large livestock animals such as a dead horse or dead cow is usually handled by private enterprises. But in all cases in Saint Louis, if the body is on private property, the removal of dead animals is handled by the citizen or by a private company, such as ours listed below.


dead animal removal If you have a dead animal in your house: If you have a dead animal in your house, such as a dead rat in the wall or a dead raccoon in the attic or a dead skunk under your porch, you can hire us to remove it. We are a private company, not a free service. Call us anytime at 314-549-5457 to schedule an appointment for today!

Once an animal dies in the attic, wall, or other parts of your house, you'll find it challenging to handle if you don't seek the professionals' help. Animals will not usually die in plain sight; you will know when you had one when they released that horrendous smell. If you continue to ignore the problem, the carcass can contaminate the air, food, and water source. It can leave stains and damage your property. It can also encourage the transmission of zoonotic diseases. To prevent these incidents, call us today, and we will immediately assign a competent technician to handle your problem. Since our founding date, we have been providing the public access to outstanding dead animal removal services. We are a company committed to customer satisfaction and service excellence. We believe that our customers should get the best value for their money. To ensure this, we require all our employees to go through a series of regular training and seminars. We also equip them with the latest equipment and protective gear. Our team of professionals is all licensed and insured. Furthermore, we provide a warranty and guarantee for all our services. We will not stop until all things are fixed. No one else can offer you this quality of service.

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